Company Network

Note: we’re moving to use TransferWise as our business bank account. 

We have a number of inter-related projects and web sites, – this is the main company web site which you are now reading. e-Mails are sent from this domain i.e. – this is our company blog. We’ll put up HOWTOs and things we’ve discovered, helpful tips and other guides. The Copyright is Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 unported unless we indicate otherwise. This site will also have system status displays.

Life Sign Press logo

Life Sign Press – this is the home for our imprint – Life Sign PressTM.

We use this venture to publish the work of authors and illustrators and our own in-house material.  This venture uses Open Source based technology such as Scribus and GIMP for all the workflow. We detail how we do this on our Create Site.

We have UK allocated ISBN numbers and so our books are available via Nielson Booknet for UK distribution, and are listed on, and other Amazon country sites as well as via Createspace eStore.

Dog Star Planet – the Dog Star PlanetTM is the name which we are using for publishing cards. The expertise has come from our work with book publishing and with our pro-bono work with the layout and design and sourcing of seasons greeting cards and 3-fold brochures for non-profit organisations.

Credodia - an Open Mutual Limited project

Credodia project – the name CredodiaTM is what we are using for this project. It was launched on the 22nd November 2012 and is seeking funding and resources. The name itself is made up from the Latin for Trust in Storage thus Credo in Custodia.  The project is to identify and establish the necessary legal framework and principles to achieve the mission of providing select products and services to the secular humanist, atheist and non-belief community.

We are consulting for another project that has launched, Ligurian Dog.

The domain is used for client projects and as such it isn’t visible but redirects to You won’t see emails from

Open Mutual Limited is a limited liability company registered in (UK) England and Wales as company registration number  No: 4019208.